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1, The quality of Gelatin is the key factor of the quality of capsules, and we use top-grade Gelatin to produce safe and quality capsules with steady performance.
2, We have built an ISO9001: 2000 approved quality management system. We are working hard to meet your demand by keeping improving quality..

3, Our products have better safety factor because the enterprise standards that we use are far stricter than the national standards of China. .

4, Every procedure is being controlled though complete QA system , including worker inspection, inspection between procedures, and QA inspection. .

5, We are able to produce quality products for we are equipped with leading inspection equipment and facilities. We are able to produce quality products for we have an experienced quality supervision and management team, which is consisted of well-trained inspection and supervision staffs..

The relentless pursuit of excellent quality make customers well confident to our products

Our QC system is built on the basis of pharmacopoeia.

1, We control the quality from the "beginning" of production, all the materials have to be tested, and only qualified materials can be used as materials of production..

2, We use "One-vote-deny" system for the medium-control procedures. .

3,All finished products are tested under the standards of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 (volume 2), and only qualified products can leave factory.

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